December 29, 2017



Racks are important for any business likes ours. Whether storing doors before installation, or glass that you want stored efficiently, Greenfield Customs fabricate any racks needed.

Removable Mullions

A Removable Mullion is a part in door framing that can be removed when more space is needed to get large objects, props, and even people through the set of doors quickly and efficiently.


The Workbench pictured above is something else and we are stoked for customers to enjoy this masterpiece of a tool. Auto shops everywhere need this.

We’ll handle any intricate custom design

We handle and produce many parts. We can even make an old part manufacturers stopped production. With the right blueprints we can recreate auto parts and so much more.

A complete line of products and services

CNC Routing and Prototyping, Plastics, Steel, and Wood cutting and shaping. With our 5-foot by 10-foot wide table, we can handle any projects big and small.

Offering the best level of excellence in steel fabrication

From welding pieces together to cutting out objects and designs out of steel, Greenfield Customs can get your products and designs where customers need them.