Greenfield Customs is proud to launch its line of workbenches. With custom or standard work spaces, our workbenches will certainly cause workers to see the beauty of a steel work space can do for them. With a variety of tables and workbenches, we can make tables for granite counter top makers, mechanics, and many, many more options.

Dubuque Glass Company carries a wide variety of pattern glass from 1/8” up to and including 1/2” thicknesses. We can provide a single cut size lite, case quantities, or whole truck loads depending on your needs. Traditionally, there are many different patterns that have been produced by a variety of manufacturers. Some patterns may no longer be produced or available in limited quantities only. Not all patterns or processes are available. Available with common fabrication for holes, notches and hinge cut outs. These products are typically available as both tempered and insulated.

The mechanic’s work space can require a variety of unique additions to fit their individuals needs. How many workbenches can handle an engine hanging off the side? This gives any mechanic an advantage when it comes to working on engines themselves. No need to hang it from a jack with chains or other hooks to keep it off the floor.

This workbench is made for counter top creators and cutters. With attachments that suction to the floor, there is now a space that remains level and stationary to keep work moving, but not the products on top. Once work is completed, the table can be moved somewhere else to either go into storage or be place in a storage room.

The mechanic’s workbench can have many modifications and additions that any customer can request. Locks on doors, different colored doors, size and dimension variety, surface types, and vice mounts.

The pedals of the mechanic’s workbench helps lift the bench to be moved wherever it’s needed. The middle pedal lowers the casters to the ground to elevate the legs, then the legs can be rotated to slide up into the tubing that holds the workbench up. That way the legs don’t catch on the floor when being moved.

The brush finish to this table top adds flair and style to a workbench. Not only is the stainless steel top flat, it will remain level for years to come. It can handle a beating.

The Welder’s top has holes drilled through the stainless steel top to attach different mounts and clamps to attach many different parts to the work space. This allows for welding parts together without damaging the surface of the workbench, while still keeping things level, as well as many other styles of work.